Greece 2011

August 10, 2011


Greece! We laughed, we cried, we made Koliva (a food prepared for and consumed in memorial services – a tradition in Greek and Eastern Orthodox Churches).  We sailed the islands, celebrated the lives of our loved ones and participated in Greek grieving rituals.  We visited a SOS Children’s Village (an impressive model for children requiring a stable and loving home life) in Athens.  We were welcomed by the women of Poros who were eager to share their island’s culture and traditions (and Ouzo).  We learned that Greek women, historically speaking, kick ass, and that the Aegean Sea can be both dramatic and comforting.  Each destination was spectacularly unique & welcoming.

Thanks to our participants for joining us with open hearts.  We were honored to hear the stories of Kristen, Carolyn, Lynda, Grace, Stephanie, David, Saul, Rob, Kasey, Pat, Jeremy, Lua, and Adam. Thanks to our hosts, Angela and George, and their amazing charter company, Endless Blue, for a week at sea we will always remember, and forever treasure.

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