Anita Pederson, Scholarship Recipient

November 10, 2015

Anita with flag

Dear Project Grace Donors

Well Hell-o again, Same stationery and similar words but let me start with WOW wish I could write like Carol Kearns about my SON AREN. With tears in my eyes as I read it now for the second time I have SO SO much to be thankful for. The trip reminded me to all the hope and good people out there in the world…and here you are providing scholarships! I love you –

I love you for helping me open up to all the possibilities. There are positive compassionate people in the weird, hurry up and get it over world. Just focusing on the honoring, not only my son but the other Moms’ children, healed me a little more, my aching heart and reminded me I’m not in this desire and wanting of eternity alone. We all seemed to want the same….I won’t put it words but we are all in this together, an interdependence with compassion for all, the answer.

Your helping me will be such a blessing for you. I only wish I had the means to give everyone that needed it this trip – program – therapy or whatever it took to heal them in whatever their hurt is. Kindness of giving is what I practice on a small scale. This trip was a huge scale and the appreciation I feel is 10 fold. I can only say let me give as many hugs, massages and good deeds as I can in this lifetime.

Your friend for eternity,

Anita Pederson.

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