Reflections on our time in Tanzania, by Valerie Cox

August 30, 2016

Val and Grandma

I want to start by saying that I learned something more about my grief this time around. I found out that some of my grief is dealing with my family and how they feel. I have learned so much on this trip about my daughter and her grief. Which helps me to lead a life because I worry so much about her and love her so much. This is key to my existence on earth now. It is not all about me, it just isn’t when it comes to the loss of my boys, Morgan’s brothers.

Morgan and Goat

Words cannot express how the trip helped . Each journey allows me to cope with my losses (although I still cry when I talk about them). Did all of you realize that family is all wrapped up in the grieving process? The encouragement that I receive helps fuel my existence also. Yes Project Grace does that! So it doesn’t only effect the person on the trip but the whole family when you return from the journey. It permeates outward. Project Grace is so much more than the person itself that comes along on the trip. Not only the chance to send love out to the little children…. but helps grazing over that wound that is open and covering it with love and grace. I know that you need this year to reflect Carole and Catherine, but please know that the effort is greatly appreciated and that you do change lives along the way. I am grateful to share my beloved boys Cord and Nick, but also grateful for some healing comfort with all my family as I return to lead a life . Looking forward to hearing from everyone. Especially the bond I have with my dear Project Grace moms.
Probably no other words left for now.

Val and Morgan
Thank you for the links given….. but the more important link will be hearing from Project Grace again!!!!!
(my daughter and I will NEVER FORGET OUR TRIP)

Love you all
Valerie Cox

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