Thoughts from a Vietnam Scholarship Recipient

April 30, 2018
My name is Nancy Cronan and I was a recipient of scholarship money to go to the Project Grace trip in Vietnam. I live in Texas and learned about the program while watching a Ted Talk by Penny Kreitzer on grief when you lose a child. I then spoke to Carole on the phone but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to go halfway across the world with other grieving moms. Fourteen years ago I lost both of my boys in a horrific automobile accident. The police were unable to identify my youngest son because the car burst into flames. I later provided dental records for proof that it was indeed my son. I have no other children.
Being able to go on this trip has been so life changing for me because I am now beginning to open up my heart (slow but sure). Initially I was concerned about being judged by the other moms because it had been fourteen years, but then again everyone has their own path on this never ending journey. The only way I can explain what it felt like to be with the other moms is being under a warm blanket on a cold night.


Vietnam is a beautiful country with beautiful people. I will always remember riding on the back of a scooter going from house to house to help in a small way but receiving hugs, smiles, fresh coconut water and a beautiful lunch that they had prepared for us. I will never forget riding the scooters in Saigon! A little scary but putting faith in our drivers as we explored fresh markets and a cooking class included! I feel so blessed to experience what a beautiful culture and pride the people of Vietnam have. Catherine and Carole are truly very special women. What a gift❤️ The funny thing about going on this trip was I never had any fear or reservations as to whether I could do it. I have not traveled much but I knew in my heart my life was going to be changed and for that, I thank you all ?


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