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Project Grace participants have played games with the children in a Tanzanian orphanage, handed out food to families living at the Puerto Vallarta landfill, helped in the construction of a school in rural Nicaragua, and explored ancient grieving rituals in the Greek Islands. No matter what the activity, participants experience a new perspective and purpose while dedicating their time and hearts to a meaningful endeavor. Laughter, tears, friendship, and treasured moments are all part of the experience as participants share stories, offer compassion and support to one another, and work together to provide tangible aid to a community far from home.

Event: Project Grace on Hiatus
Date: No Date

At this time we have no new trips on the calendar. If you would like to be notified of future trips, please reach out to us at info@project-grace.org. We will be happy to add you to our mailing list and notify you when a new trip is planned.

Event: Vietnam
Date: March 15-25, 2018

We are excited to be traveling to Vietnam, a beautiful and culturally rich country which has had its share of suffering and loss. We will be focused on the southern part of the country, flying in and out of Ho Chi MInh City. Our volunteer time will be spent with Anh Duong, an in-country effort that cooperates with local and international organizations to support the social and economic developments in the Vietnam’s poorest communities. Other highlights will include visits to Reunification Hall and the War Remnants Museum, as well as other historical sites. We’ll visit the famous Cai Rang floating market, and take a secret Ho Chi Minh city street food tour. The trip ends with two days of relaxation at a Phu Quoc beach resort.

Event: We’ll be Back in 2017
Date: 2017

We will have new trips in the works in 2017. Please check back or contact us directly.

Event: Young Adult Backpacking in Joshua Tree
Date: March 19-24, 2016

We will spend six nights backpacking, climbing, sharing and remembering in beautiful Joshua Tree National Park. In collaboration with Outward Bound, this trip is specifically designed for young adults grieving the loss of a family member or friend.

Event: Tanzania with The Foundation for Tomorrow
Date: July 1-9, 2016

We are thrilled to be returning to Arusha, Tanzania where we will volunteer with The Foundation for Tomorrow, an inspiring organization that works to create families for orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania, and improve the quality of education in Tanzanian schools. We will learn about African culture and traditions, and also make time for a mini-safari!


What can I expect to gain?

We hope that our participants will gain a new perspective, as well as a renewed sense of purpose from their experience. Our participants mention that they love the freedom to talk about their loved one as much as they like.  There is never any pressure to pretend to be okay.  Participants have an immediate new group of friends who "get it." Our trips offer a unique opportunity to share stories, and learn how others live with loss. Cross-cultural sharing in a country and community very different from their own offers insight and inspiration.

How much does a Project Grace trip cost and what is included in the cost of the trip?

Most trips cost between $1,200 and $3,000, depending on the destination. We strive to set a price that covers pretty much everything - lodging, meals, ground transportation, excursions, tips, and travelers insurance. Airfare is not included in the cost of a trip. Souvenirs and alcoholic beverages are also not included in the cost. Some of our participants have raised money within their communities to help pay for their trips. Project Grace trips are 100% tax deductible. Scholarship assistance is also available.

How can I obtain scholarship assistance?

We are thrilled to be in a position to offer partial scholarships to almost anyone who needs assistance. Over a third of our participants have received some kind of assistance. If you are interested in financial aid please speak with us directly. We will include a short, simple scholarship application with your paperwork.

Is the cost tax deductible?

Yes, Project Grace is a fiscally sponsored program of Community Initiatives, an independently incorporated 501(c) 3.

Why must we travel out of the U S?

We recognize that there are many deserving organizations here in the United States, and we understand that signing on to one of our trips can feel risky. However, we have witnessed hearts and minds opening when our participants are taken out of the familiar and introduced to new and different cultures. Furthermore, great camaraderie and bonding develop from the shared adventure. These are all essential elements of the Project Grace experience.

Are we really helping?

We only choose projects in which our help will be tangible and meaningful. While we are hesitant to make any grand statements of accomplishment, we are always welcomed and appreciated by the communities with which we work. We become close friends and allies with the members of the communities we serve, and after a week of close association we leave a little bit of us behind, and take a little bit of them home in our hearts.

I am nervous. How can I be sure/how can I assure my family that I will safe?

There is risk associated with any kind of travel. However, we only partner with well-established organizations that are respected in their countries and communities. We choose our lodging based on security and cleanliness, and always travel with a guide and paid driver. This ensures both our safety and our effectiveness. Many of our participants are so thrilled with the experience, that they want to join the next trip, and the next.

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