Today’s Female Changemakers: The Founders Of Project Grace

April 22, 2012, – What these two women have started will move you. Read more…press_imga


Helping Others Heal The Pain Of Losing a Child

September 2009, Marin Magazine – Many say the death of a child is the worst loss any parent can experience. A part of you is gone, a loving aspect of life that will never, ever return. Parents are not supposed to outlive their children—yet sometimes that happens.

And when it happens, two Marin mothers, Catherine Bowen Stern and Carole Mahoney, are available with a concept they believe will help ease the pain. It’s called Project Grace. Read more …


Sausalito group’s service trips help women, families in grief

November 2008, Marin Independent Journal – It was just five months after Nancy Ross lost her son, Patrick, that she traveled to Mexico to work at an orphanage with two other women whose children had died. Read the complete article …


Mill Valleyans lend a hand to the bereaved

Mill Valley Herald – The prospect of losing a child is the parent’s ultimate horror. When the unimaginable cruelly morphS into the real, grieving parents and families often find their misery further compounded by social isolation, unable to summon the energy for dinner parties and all too aware of the discomfort and embarrassment their grief often causes in their more fortunate friends.

Two Mill Valley mothers recently started a program called Project Grace that attempts to give bereaved parents a support network while giving them a chance to alleviate their grief by doing service projects in disadvantaged communities. Read more …


Hope, Healing and Help Radio

Sept. 21, 2013 Hope, Healing and Help Radio (click to listen)

Project Grace from Storytellers For Good

Project Grace HLN (CNN's Headline News) March, 2010

Project Grace from Laura Kudritzki

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